Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana



July - December, 2017

Oct 19

Angela Vargas, Clinical Director of Little Star Center, will speak on the subject of Autism. Hosted by Bill Ware

Oct 12

Dr. Bob Hannemann will discuss Human Trafficking Issues. Hosted by Bill Ware

Oct 5

Dr. Adam Cline and his wife Belkys will illustrate how their combined practices of Chiropractic and Pilates are helping our children, Purdue athletes and seniors improve their strength, agility and flexibility; and to remain active and pain-free into their upper ages. Hosted by Lenny Seidel

Sept 28

Induction of 2017-2018 officers and board. Jim Hopf, outgoing President, will present his outgoing message.

Sept 21

"What Is a Climatologist?" by Climatologist Ken Scheeringa. Hosted by Steve Simms

Sept 14

Mary Lou, Patsy Hoyer, Kylie Lowe-Foy, and Michelle Mathis talks about what IU Health is doing to screen for early age Autism. Hosted by Jim Hopt

Sept 7


Club Member Michael Hull will speak about "Gold , Silver, Paper Profits and Upcoming Realities in the Stock Market." Hosted by Steven Riggs

Aug 31

Lloyd Wells, the owner of Hair Doctor, will share his stories of helping cancer patients overcome their embarrassment of losing their hair due to treatments and the challenge of getting insurance to pay for the treatment. Hosted by Mary Jo Vanderveer

Aug 10

Director of Purdue Convocations, Todd Wetzel, will talk about the Convocations at Purdue, its outreach for education with the schools and the Friends of Convos Program. Hosted by Gail Beck.

Aug 3

Governor of Kiwanis Indiana, Dr. David N. Dixon talks about activities of Kiwanis in Indiana. Hosted by Acting Lt. Governor Char Lingen-DiMizio.

Aug 3

Chuck Fish, owner of Express Personnel Services, will discuss the task of matching the job applicant to the job and the challenge of meeting the job market demands in the Greater Lafayette area. Hosted by Rodney Vanderveer.

July 27

Governor Elect of Kiwanis Indiana District, Steve Ingram, will discuss the upcoming 100th anniversary celebration of the Indiana District. Hosted by Taka Ogata.

July 20

Dave Walker, Principal of Oakland High School in the Lafayette School Corporation, will speak about the challenges and successes of the local alternative high school. Hosted by Diane Camberato.

July 13

Theresa Murphy, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of Ivy Tech Community College at Kokomo and Lafayette Region, will talk about the changing face of Ivy Tech and the student body. Hosted by Diane Camberato.

July 6

"Job Leads During the Job Search for Professionals" by Chris Waymire, President of Lafayette Professional Exchange. Chris is also Director of Capacity Building of Staff Development, Region IV Workforce. Hosted by Kathy York.