Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana



January - June, 2018

Jan 25

Carrie Ehresman will host "Separating Historical Fact from Local Legend. The True Story of Triple XXX Restaurant" as the current owners of Triple XXX present a video and background information on Indiana's oldest drive-in restaurant.

Jan 18

Alberta Barker will host "Why Would Anyone Want to Create a Trust?" and discuss how the financial and legal benefits of having a trust are as wide-ranging as the resources and objectives of families that enjoy them.

Jan 11

Kayla Dunham will host "The Grayson Dunham Foundation" and provide information on a special program at Riley Children's Hospital named after her son Grayson that seeks to provide aid, comfort and support to other children and families.

Jan 4

Billy Hooper will host "Inspiration for the New Year" with guest Richard Arnold, who will discuss his collaboration with Sam Postlethwait and the photographs and text taken from "The Wonderful World of Nature" published by them in 2010.