Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana



January - June, 2017

June 29

Lisa Arafune (Pickett) will speak on STEM universities. Lisa is the director of The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC). Hosted by John Pickett.

June 22

Lafayette Kiwanis Members visited Japan in April, 2017. Get to know Japanese culture and Kiwanis in Japan. Hosted by Taka Ogata.

June 15

International Key Club Director, Dave Wohler, will explain what high school students of Kiwanis Key Club do in their volunteer work in their community. Hosted by John Pickett.

June 8

David Bough, Director of Meat and Poultry Inspection from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health, will speak. Hosted by John Pickett.

June 1

Kiwanis Acting Lt. Governor, Char Lingen-Dimizio, will conduct the annual training on Child Safety. Hosted by John Pickett.

May 18

Learn more about the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette (CFGL)with guest speaker Candy Silver, Director. Hosted by Jeff Love.

May 11

Learn more about Lafayette Transitional Housing Center (LTHC) with guest speaker Jennifer Seabolt. Hosted by Jeff Love.

May 4

Auto Racing Hall of Fame Don Davidson speaks on the history of the Indianapolis 500 Race. Hosted by Audrey Schneider.

April 27

Mike Bobinski, Purdue Athletic Director, took over leadership of the Purdue Athletic Department in August 2016. His goal is a culture change for Purdue Sports as he integrates his vision for Purdue. His first hire, Jeff Brohm, Head Football Coach at Purdue, is an example of this culture change. Hosted by Jim Hopf.

April 13

Jamarcus Shephard, Wide Receivers Coach at Purdue, will speak. Those in attendance will leave fired up for the upcoming football season.

Mar 30

"IU Arnett's New Trauma Center" with Amanda Rardon Trauma Program Manager, IU Health Arnett. Ms. Rardon will discuss what it takes to become and maintain certification as a trauma center and their outreach and education offered to the community.

Mar 23

"Energetic Materials at Purdue to Enhance Our Safety and Security" with Prof. Stephen Beaudoin, School of Chemical Engineering and Lead, College of Engineering Pre-Emminent Team in Energetic Materials. Energetic materials, including explosives, pyrotechnics, and propellants, are challenging to understand, develop and engineer, yet they play a crucial role in our security and defense efforts. Detecting terrorists and terrorist threats in transportation security environments, defeating improvised explosives devices (IEDs) in the field and creating munitions that can safely effectively perform in the most challenging environments are all areas of emphasis for the Purdue Energetic Materials Research Team. This presentation will provide an overview of the Purdue work, with an emphasis on applications related to Homeland Security and military applications. Hosted by Roy Johnson

Mar 16

"What's New and What's Coming To The Community" with Sallie Fahey, Executive Director, Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission. This presentation will cover long range plans, especially transportation, funded public projects, new residential development on the horizon and our projections for future population and employment. We have lots to look forward to! Hosted by Roy Johnson

Mar 9

"The Buzz on Bees" with F. Tom Turpin, Department of Entomology. We've heard lots recently about the declining honey bee population and its impact on plant polinization. Tom's always entertaining presentation will be all about the history of honey bees and current problems with honey bees. Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Hosted by Audrey Schneider

Mar 2

"Spaceflight Experiments in the Emerging US Sub-orbital Rocket Industry" - Prof. Steven Collicott, School of Aeronautics & Astronautics Professor Collicott has performed experiments in weightlessness ("zero gravity") with Purdue since 1997. Drop towers, parabolic aircraft flights, the International Space Station,and now also on board the new generation of commercial suborbital rockets with Blue Origin, Exos, Virgin Galactic and others. He will present stories of the flights and activities ranging from a second grade spaceflight experiment to orbital experiment design and operations. Hosted by Roy Johnson

Feb 23

Steve Shelby, Director, Purdue Polytechnic in Association with Subaru of Indiana Automotive. Hosted by Rodney Vandeveer

Feb 16

Billy Hooper shares his personal sense of collective self and what we do as Kiwanians – “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together – Kiwanis Feathers? A Personal View.” Hosted by Gail Beck

Feb 9

Stephanie Quick, Assisted Living Consultant at Westminister Village, will speak to members. Hosted by Taka Ogata

Feb 2

“Urban Storm Water Conservation” by Vanessa Rainwater, an Urban Conservation Educator from Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality. Hosted by Mary Jo Vandeveer

Jan 26

Katy Bunder, the CEO of Food Finders, will provide an update on Food Finders' efforts to combat hunger in the 10 county region of West Central Indiana surrounding Tippecanoe County. Food Finders dedicated and moved into a new facility on 10th and Greenbush Streets just north of downtown Lafayette in 2016, and Food Finders now has the ability to address an expanded mission in service to those in need in the greater Lafayette and surrounding communities. Hosted by Steven Riggs

Jan 19

Kiwanis will enjoy a Japanese Women's Choir named “Hibiki” that will be in town and able to perform traditional Japanese songs and American folk songs for us at our meeting. The group is organized by Kaori Johnson. Hosted by Taka Ogata

Jan 12

YMCA Executive Director Paul Cramer will speak on the topic: At the YMCA, strengthening community is our cause. The YMCA looks forward to sharing with Kiwanis a review of our strong heritage in greater Lafayette, the Y's current community involvement, and our dynamic new programs and services for 2017 and the future. We are excited about the future and understand Lafayette will be strong only if we invest in our kids, our health, and the well-being of our neighbors. Hosted by Steven Riggs

Jan 5

YWCA Executive Director, Debi DeBruyn, will speak on the topic “The United State of Women” which will involve an explanation about her experience as a participant in Washington, DC, this past summer at the White House Summit national meeting. Debi will also talk about the role of the YWCA here locally in the greater Lafayette area since 1929. Hosted by Steven Riggs