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Serving the Children of the World
50th Annual Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast
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We build: Changing the World, One Child
and One Community at a Time

The purpose of the Lafayette Kiwanis Club is to help make this community a better place in which children can live. We do that with our fundraising and then distribute the money to organizations and projects that support youth. 

Every Thursday, our club meets during the lunch hour at MCL Restaurant and Bakery to share fun, food, a song or two, good news with our happy dollars and hear presentations from a variety of top notch guest speakers. Even though these weekly meetings are not mandatory, many of our members regularly come to the meetings in order to meet with their friends, their fellow Kiwanians. While our meetings are a great way to get together as a club, meetings are not all that Kiwanis is about.  We do expect members to participate in a meaningful way.

The real work of the club is done with our committees. We work hard to raise money to give away. Each year Lafayette Kiwanis Club provides student scholarships, programs to honor kids achievments, and assistance to youth-oriented organizations and programs within our community. We are also in the process of building two projects dedicated to the youth of Greater Lafayette, a Kiwanis Education Station at Columbia Park Zoo and a Kiwanis Children's Playground in West Lafayette's Cumberland Park.


The Kiwanis Playground at Cumberland Park is now open for Kids!
Stage 2 is finally complete and the playground is open for fun.

We thank all of our partners, sponors, donors and members for making this a success.   


Kiwanis Playground at Cumberland Park, West Lafayette

If you would like to partner with Kiwanis on our many projects that support the youth of our community and our world, all you have to do is fill in an amount that you would like to donate, click the donate button and PayPal will complete the transaction.  Please leave a note in the comment box and click the "share my address with the Lafayette Kiwanis Club" so that we can thank you for your support.


Thank you for your support.

Featured Projects:

Project Eliminate

Lafayette Kiwanis is actively supporting Project Elimate, a joint project between Kiwanis International and UNICEF. Our goal is to emiminate maternal/neonatal tetanus. Tetanus is a painful and deadly disease, causing extreme sensitivity to light, sound and contact, even preventing the comfort of a mother's touch. The Eliminate Project is our chance to help protect the connection between mother and child.  More information...